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Blank reports

Hasn’t worked from day one. Input all information and try and preview the report it’s blank. Try to email it it’s blank. Had high hopes for this and wanted to buy for my whole company to use. Guess I’ll have to keep looking.

Doesn’t save data

Worked great the first time I used it. After day 2 however it deleted random field entries and would produce a highly redundant report. Doubling and tripling the fields in a chaotic format. Not worth the headache as it deletes everything you input.

Solid Daily Reporting App!

We're a small business and have been searching for an app that tracks all of our daily operations with the ability to summarize and distribute easily. This app does just that with a streamlined user interface. Looking forward to future enhancements. Highly recommend!


I am so happy to see an app that allows us to get clearly documented daily reports that has everything we need to know when speaking to the customer. When they wonder why something cost more or why something wasn't done on a certain day, the office has the information on the weather and the issues encountered. It is saving us time and money and our supervisors are more efficient in the field. The new subscription offering is exactly what we were waiting for as well. Highly recommended.

Nice & Easy

A great app that's nice and simple to use. Lots of features but not confusing. Highly recommend.

Great App!

The user interface is intuitive and works great. I have found that even our least tech savvy employees have been able to quickly learn how to use the app and have embraced it. This lead to easy buy in from our frontline supervisors which has saved them time by not using a paper solution or a template PDF or word doc. Would recommend if you are searching for a great daily report solution.

Reporting App

Have been using app since October for multiple projects. It's super simple to switch between projects and is easy to add custom fields. It was easy to get the field guys on board because it has a easy user interface.

Get it- don't wait!

App is great - easy to use. A huge help for our small business. Guys in the field love it, so do the guys in the office who get the reports. Already saving us money!

Must-have App for small business!

A great app! Very well written, user-friendly app that allows my small business to efficiently and effectively create and share reports.

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